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Inspiration: making envelopes out of maps

Hardly original or new, I made these little map envelopes. I bought me some envelope templates a year ago, meaning to sell them, but never got to it. And seeing so much of these templates on other blogs, gave me the inspiration (or motivation) to finally try to make some envelopes myself.

I bought an old map of a province in the Netherlands (Friesland), which is connected to the North Sea and has some pretty islands. The Netherlands has 8 islands (excluding the Caribbean ones), of which 3 are uninhabited. I visited one of them a couple of years ago, Texel (on the picture). It was beautiful & I would love to go back. Go there if you can!

So, I could get 12 envelopes out of the map with the mini envelope template (didn’t use the big one). I moved the template around a bit, so I could get the prettiest parts on the envelopes.

It wasn’t much work & it was a nice way to spend an afternoon. Oh, and here is a pic. Just to give you an idea. Pick up the wooden templates on eBay or Etsy on the cheap!



Digital Download: make your own stationary

So, here I am in two snailmail Facebook groups, posting my vintage digital stationary. People seem to like it, but feel like they also want to experience with making their own stationary. It is cheaper, more creative & gives you the freedom to create what you want. Also, don’t forget the biggest benefit: if you run out of stationary, you can print more. And more….

Since making your own stationary is not really self explainatory, I kept feeling guilty over not helping someone properly (instead giving minor instructions).

That is why I created a tutorial for making your own stationary in Adobe Photoshop. It has a download link to where you can download the wondrous program for free. This guide is really handy for every (extreme) beginner in Photoshop. It tells you exactly what to do.

By the end of the guide, you will have a A4 sized document, with lines and stamps. There is also a two-page Questions & Answers section in there. Oh, and last but not least: a A4 sized PSD file with lines already on them (in case you don’t understand the tutorial).

Making your own stationary

Show me what you’ve made with these, I love to hear from you!

  • PDF with instruction manual for making your own stationary (English)
  • PDF with instruction manual for making your own stationary (Dutch)
  • PSD file with writing lines (basic stationary)

Download link: here