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Received: Tiny Presents for a Bad Day

When I got home, there was a box on the doormat. It wouldn’t fit through the mailslot, I presumed.

It was from Greece. My mind was racing, because I didn’t order anything on Etsy or eBay…

I opened it… and there it was! A box full of cutely wrapped presents! And then I remembered; I joined in on a swap on Swap-Bot.com called “Tiny Presents for a Bad Day”. What a surprise!


These was a cute note from Athanasia, she made this beautiful surprise for me. And since I was too eager, I already unwrapped a present.

It had beautiful papers in it.. with my address on it! Perfect for snailmailing! And also these awesome Alice in Wonderland tags! Aren’t they stunning?
If this first present is a prelude on all the awesome things Athanasia has wrapped for me, I’m in for a treat!

Better get started on my box..



Sent: mail to Rossi

I was invited by Rossi to do a private swap on Swap-Bot. Rossi seemed very nice, she wanted to help my rating get up, because I had none!

So, I went first. I sent her a big envelope with a bracelet, vegan sandwich recipes, a notebook with a swallow on it, a little bag with buttons, an old postcard, some stamps and a very old playing game card. Rossi has let me know that she was very happy with the package!

Check out the pics!