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Received: A Golden Package from Irene

It was such a nice surprise to find a lovely golden wrapped package from my friend Irene. I just received some bad news and this made my day so much brighter.

The package was filled with TWO necklace (one not pictured), a Pimp a Bird package with wooden birds and paint, a totebag Irene made herself (!) and a gorgeous vintage notebook. She also wrote a sweet postcard.

The totebag is hilarious, it says “Never trust a man who doesn’t like cats” and it’s unique! She made it using the silkscreening process.

I’ve sent Irene a package back, with a Flow Magazine and some other goodies to thank her. We will hopefully meet up soon for our crafting date!

Here are some pictures!

Package From Irene

Package From Irene

Received: a lovely package from Irene!

What a surprise! I mean, really! Didn’t expect this AT ALL.

My mailbox was very happy, a nice stuffed package from Irene (Lentetypes). She recently opened up her new webshop, with little presents that fit through your mailslot, so cheap shipping equals big fun!

Okay, here we go!

First, there was this big letter, which I really enjoyed. She also included some really cute die cuts, postcards (with cats!) and little notecards. And the best.. a eco-friendly brooch! It’s huge and I love it! Go big or go home, right? And it’s in sailor colors, which is absolutely awesome. She attachted a note that read: I think you will like this. Well, I do!

In her letter, she wrote about her exciting plans for her new home, saving up some cash for decoration and her new webshop. It was a lovely letter!

Here are the pictures: