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Inspiration: 5 mini albums from just one 12 inch sheet!

All the templates, tutorials and mini albums that are floating around on the web.. I decided to make a short video in which I show you how to make 5 different mini albums from just one 12″ sheet of paper! You can use whatever paper you like, black, patterned, anything. The only requirement is that it has to be a 12 x 12 inch sheet.

You can embellish, paint, distress or stamp in the albums as much as you like. The templates that I have made all allow you to make pockets, cut out a thumb hole, make a cover with patterned paper, stitch or staple the spine, put tags or photos in the pockets, punch nice borders with border punches, add charms, tie them up with string or with small clasp.. The possibilities are endless!

One Sheet Wonder - Mini Album Mashup Templates

Read on to see the complete Mini Album One Sheet Wonder Mash Ups + free downloadable templates!

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