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Received Mail: A lovely package from Irene!

Again, I got a very cute little package from Irene, two weeks before her visit! It was full of lovely vintage goodies and a sweet little note. She also bought me a Versamarker, you can use it to write whatever you like and emboss it! Irene will be visiting me on February 27th and I am so excited to see her and go to the crafting store with her!

A cute little package from Irene

Received Mail: a postcard from Irene!

I was so excited seeing this lovely postcard in the mailbox, it was from my friend Irene! It says: “Lummelen is heel simpel, eigenlijk: doen waar je zin in hebt” which means “Mooching about is really simple, it just means doing what you feel like”. I contacted her on Facebook and now we finally set our Crafting Date on December 19th!

We have never met in real life, but we have been following eachother on social media for over 4 years and we both love to craft! Irene is really into Project Life and I am excited to learn more about it. I am going to show her what embossing is & what cool things you can do with it.

Ofcourse I will take pictures off the day and post them here! Have a great week!

Postcard from Irene

Received: A Golden Package from Irene

It was such a nice surprise to find a lovely golden wrapped package from my friend Irene. I just received some bad news and this made my day so much brighter.

The package was filled with TWO necklace (one not pictured), a Pimp a Bird package with wooden birds and paint, a totebag Irene made herself (!) and a gorgeous vintage notebook. She also wrote a sweet postcard.

The totebag is hilarious, it says “Never trust a man who doesn’t like cats” and it’s unique! She made it using the silkscreening process.

I’ve sent Irene a package back, with a Flow Magazine and some other goodies to thank her. We will hopefully meet up soon for our crafting date!

Here are some pictures!

Package From Irene

Package From Irene

Sent: Vintage Paris Canvas to Jared

How awesome is this? Jared C. Balogh (the musician who’s responsible for the great music to my “How-to” video’s on YouTube) liked the Vintage Paris Canvas so much, that he wanted to buy it for his sister as a present.

He told me that his sister really loves all things French, so I wrapped the canvas up in handmade wrapping paper (using my Vintage Gentleman stamps & black embossing powder) and finished it off with a vintage label (for Jared to write a personal note on) & a big, brass key.

It has shipped a couple of days ago & I really hope she likes it!