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Received: Snail Mail Magazine from Susan

I was so surprised! My sweet pen pal sent me a home made snail mail magazine! I really love it & am really impressed by how much TLC she put into it. It’s a personal magazine about our letter writing relationships, about Susan’s hopes & dreams and it was full of great goodies (stickers!). How inspirational! I can suggest everyone sending a personal magazine to YOUR pen pal!

I have been preparing a great gift for Susan ever since I received her magazine (I am very ashamed it took me so long, but I really want to surprise her) & I hope to get it out in two weeks time. Check out the pictures!

Magazine: November 2013

Today, I discovered a great new app: Flipboard! Flipboard is an online magazine for bloggers & businesses. This concept is not new to me, yet I never knew it was so much fun! I am now planning a new magazine every  month, starting now with November 2013.

I dug up all the great articles I bookmarked last month and added them all to the magazine. Have fun reading this November issue!

Vintage Voyage Magazine - November 2013