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Inspiration: Embossing

I was very excited when I discovered embossing, even though I didn’t see a direct purpose for it. Apparently people have been using embossing powder for a very long time, I guess I am just late to the party.


According to the Internet, this is embossing:


Embossing refers to the creation of an impression of some kind of design, decoration, lettering or pattern on another surface like paper, cloth, metal and even leather, to make a relief. In regular printing or an engraving, plates are pressed against the surface to leave an imprint. In embossing however, the pressing raises the surfaces adding a new dimension to the object.


So, how to go about it? You take a piece of paper (a heavy one, preferably) & you stamp an image or words on it with special embossing ink. After that, you pour the embossing powder on it and tap the excess of.



And that’s where the heat tool comes in. You point your heat tool (or gun) at the stamped image and wait a few seconds. Careful, the heat tool gets extremely hot! You can see that the embossing powder start to melt and forms a “raised” image. So glossy and pretty!

Vintage Voyage - Embossing and Heattool


Now that I’ve had some experience using this, I will definitely use it in my future projects. Imagine all the things you can make! Embossed areas add a real touch of professionalism to your project.

Vintage Voyage - Embossing and Heattool

PS: it’s kind of hard to catch the shiny finish on camera, but I hope this helps!