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Inspiration: Moon Shadow Mist

I was watching a very talented artist on YouTube (I forgot her name, sorry!) and she was using Lindy’s Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mist sprays on a canvas. I know, it’s a mouthful! The colors looked so gorgeous, I fell in love instantly!

If you buy Moon Shadow Mist, you will receive a spray bottle with powder in it. You have to add warm water to it, give it a good shake and let it sit for 10 minutes. Give it another shake & you’re good to go!

Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mists


I haven’t used mine on a project before, but I do have a little something in mind where I could use these for. The colors are basically two-toned; so you could have a blue-gold one, a silver-white one and so forth. Below you can see the spray examples on heavy card stock. They do shine and switch colors, depending on the light. You can’t really see it on the picture.

Upper left corner: Tawny Turquoise
Upper right corner: Buccaneer Bay Blue
Bottom right corner: Buccaneer Bronze
Bottom left corner: Burnt umber


Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mists


Aren’t they gorgeous? And tell me, who can resist names like Bucket O’Blood Red, Pirate’s Plunder Gold, Long John’s Silver or Treasure Island Aqua? You can get them at probably most craft stores in your area, but since I am in Holland, you might want to search for them online.


Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mists