Inspiration: What to use to spice up your snail mail?

Yes, you’ve done it! You finally found a snail mail partner! Time to get creative.. but.. what to use? A letter and an envelope would be the obvious things, but here is a list of items you can use to spice up your snail mail! It is really therapeutic and relaxing to spend a little more time on your letter and envelope.

  • doilies
  • stamps
  • washi tape/masking tape
  • labels
  • tags
  • stickers
  • thickers
  • rub ons
  • different colored pencils or drawings
  • little bunting, made by you
  • tickets or other old paper paraphernalia
  • clothespin (small ones are cute!)
  • pieces of lace
  • chicken wire
  • glitters!
  • old bingo or playing cards
  • ribbons
  • black marker drawing
  • sealing wax
  • embossing
  • water color on the envelope

See this 5 minute tutorial from Gathering Beauty on making your own mini buntings:

Your new snail mail pall would definitely love to receive some small gifts as well. Here are some ideas:

  • little piece of chocolate (or other candy from your country)
  • special tea
  • earrings
  • perfume sample (be careful if your partner has allergies!)
  • facial mask
  • a nice pen or pencil
  • small notebook
  • little flags (make them yourself with washi tape & a toothpick!)
  • old map
  • small envelopes
  • old postal stamps
  • nice blank postcard
  • pretty piece of string/bakers twine
  • personalized notes or thank you cards
  • felted heart or other shape
  • sticker sheet
  • blank or stamped tags


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