Inspiration: distressing the tropical travelogue

So yeah, what’s this title about?

Well, recently I watched some YouTube videos on Distress Ink. I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately and I just wanted to know what the fuss is. What I’ve learned: Distress Ink is very special. And it reacts to water. And it is really special.

Now, I’m really not into making 3d cards or the whimsical, flowery stationary. I like my paper old, my envelopes brown and my stickers antique.

But I’ve read some things about Distress Ink, which comes in different colors (for example “Old Photo” & “Tea Dye”), which sparked my imagination. Could you use this stuff to fake an antique look? Make white envelopes look old? Make manilla tags antique?

Distress Ink

Why yes, you can. Excitement!

I’ve learned that you will need a pad of Distress Ink (in my case I only need one color, I just want to “antique” things up) and an applicator. This applicator is a wooden handle with a felt pad. You just have to rub the ink from the corners inward. The corner will be darker and the stain will be lighter, the more you move inward.

So, I got me a pad of Distress Ink. I thought the “Tea Dye” would be perfect. I asked the saleswoman about the applicator, but she had a better idea. Just use a scourer and cut into a square piece!

In the video I saw, they also used a wipeable mat as a workspace. I  don’t want to spend $20 on something I would rarely use. So I just put clear tape on my working space. Problem solved, bucks saved, ha!

A while ago, I also got me a beautiful scrappaper. It is called Tropical Travelogue (Botanica) by 45Graphics. I don’t do scrapbooking. A lot of stuff that I would use if I wanted it, is not available. Scrapbooking is just not my thing. Everything is glittery, cartoony, childish.. I don’t like it.

But 45Graphics makes a lot of cool, antique supplies. One of their paper packs is called “Olde Curiosity Shoppe”! So if you are like me and having a hard time finding your favorite paper, have a look on their website here.

And then it hit me; distress the Tropical Travelogue! So, using my papercutting machine (yes, I have one. Don’t ask why.) I cut all the cards on the paper and practised the distressing on the back. In case I would screw things up.

It went quite well, so I also did the foreground, but only one some. Here are the pictures, including a before and after pic of the backside. I will use the shell patterned paper to make envelopes & maybe distress them too. Maybe.



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