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Hi everyone,

It has been a long couple of months without any updates, I am very sorry! A lot of things happened, I went to Italy on a holiday, I got a new cat (he needed a home!), my grandmother died unexpectedly and I had to find a new job.

Rona Keller Photography Winter

I did celebrate Halloween this year with two of my friends, we ate pumpkin soup and their kids went trick or treating! And of course I made a spooky Halloween mini album, which unfortunately I wasn’t able to film because my iPhone is not connecting to my Macbook which is very annoying, it just says “Unexpected error” which is really no help at all.

Luckily, I was able to find a GREAT artist on Tumblr, who sells her beautiful photographs online as ready to give (or use!) packages! Her name is Rona Keller & she lives in Germany. I bought a package with Winter photos from her on Tictail and I will use them to wrap my Christmas gifts with this year! She really is the greatest, she send them in a gorgeous hand lettered envelope and included a special package with a gift for me. Of course I will post a new blog about wrapping my gifts with the photos once Christmas rolls around.

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