Finds: my stamp collection

Inspired by another post I read elsewhere, I decided to put some pictures online with my stamp collection. Although I am more attracted to old, used stamps, I do have some new sheets I got for free last year. There’s Alice in Wonderland, Christmas and used stamps from all over the world. I use these stamps for artworks & ofcourse: snailmailing. Hoping to add more & more to my collection in the future, here is a quick overview!

5 thoughts on “Finds: my stamp collection”

  1. They are beautiful! I kind of grew up surrounded by stamps as my father is an avid collector and has been for many, many years. I never thought it would happen, but in later years I’ve come to realise their beauty in a way I didn’t expect to. Sadly I don’t have any, I think I have to change that.

  2. Yep, he’s still collecting, he’s turning 67 this year and he’s been doing it since he was a teenager, I have a hard time believing that anything will stop him

    Oooh, I would never have thought of buying stamps off Etsy! That’s a brilliant idea, and cheap too! I want to make some stamp related stationery, this way I could actually make a collage and then copy it. I’m excited about this!

    1. That’s so great.. Albums filled with his passion over his entire lifetime. What a treasure for future generations. Such devotion and dedication makes you wonder about your own life. What do I love? What will I leave behind? I think it is beautiful.

      And yes, you can find a lot of stamps for stationary on Etsy on the cheap

  3. Yeah I know, it makes me feel the same way, what will my legacy be? Hopefully a library filled with books I’ve acquired over the years, and somewhere in a corner, boxes and boxes of letters I’ve received. Books are what I’m truly devoted to, here’s hoping my children won’t look at them as old pieces of dead trees and burn them or toss them aside when I’m gone.
    Lol that turned depressing very quickly!

    I actually found some cheap ones on the Swedish Ebay site too, I even found the kind you can actually use as postage really cheap.. I’ll be receiving lots of stamps in the near future! If I can get my postage a whole lot cheaper, who am I to say no?

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