Finds: Dutch Postcrossing Stamps!

By now, all of you should already know Postcrossing, the website that connects all mail fans over the world. Postcrossing is gaining fans rapidly and the Dutch PostNL has decided to produce Dutch Postcrossing stamps!

Dutch Postcrossing Stamps

From the Postcrossing blog:

Keeping in mind that Postcrossing postcards travel mostly to foreign destinations, PostNL created a set of stamps that double as tiny tourism ambassadors, helping draw attention to the country’s most interesting and attractive sites. The resulting design (by Reinier Hamel from Sin agency) is a bright sheet of stamps, which promises to bring a conversation topic (and burst of colour!) to many future postcards.

The stamps each feature an eclectic mix of popular Dutch highlights (De Hoge Veluwe, de Nachtwacht & more!) and will be available for Dutch citizens from March 29th.

You can read more (and pre-order!) on the Postcrossing blog here.

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