Finds: De Weldaad

A little while ago, I was shopping in Amsterdam. My eye was immediately drawn to a little shop with a big Nautilus shell on display in the window. I had discovered the fan-tas-tic shop called “de Weldaad”. Walking in this shop, it was like I was back in 1890. They have all kinds of glass domes, fossilized shells and old clocks. What a wonderful experience!

I wanted to buy everything! But since carrying around a huge glass dome on a shopping trip in Amsterdam wasn’t really what I bargained for, I decided to keep it simple: I got a dried sea star, a small ammonite and two zinc labels for decorating. Yay!

Oh, and they also have a web shop, so go crazy!

Here is an impression of “de Weldaad”:


de-weldaad-8 de-weldaad-7 de-weldaad-6 de-weldaad-5 de-weldaad-4 de-weldaad-3 de-weldaad-2

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