Digital Downloads: vintage carnival stationary

Getting things for free is always fun. And why waste another dime when you can download your own free stationary right here? That’s right; I created some lovely vintage stationary for you to download. It is A4 sized and can be printed at home (or at the local printing business) as many times as you like.

This set contains 2 A4 sized downloads, so you’ll have different sheets of paper to use for snail mailing, sending a letter to your loved one or writing your pen pal overseas. It has many different elements, like a clown, a elephant, & vintage tickets. Download, print & you are ready to go. Remember to adjust the margin/padding settings on your printer to none/0!

Enjoy the sneak preview below. One more thing: show me what you’ve created with these!

Download zip with .jpgs & PDF: here

4 thoughts on “Digital Downloads: vintage carnival stationary”

  1. I love your stationary…. I am having an event for my Catholic school and was wondering if i could use this for that and if so can i have permission to have it copied? Printers in my area will not copy it without permission.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Denise!

      Thank you so much Of course you can, as long as you don’t claim it as your own Remember to adjust the margin/padding setting on your printer to avoid a white border around your prints!

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