Sent: Around the World in.. two days?

‘T was my grandma’s 91st birthday yesterday, so I decided to give a pair of my handmade earrings. She was very surprised, but: she doesn’t have her ears pierced. So, I promised her to make her a necklace & sent it to her per mail (she doesn’t live so closeby, so mail it was).

I sent her a nice card & the necklace. Because I can never sent mail without decorating the envelope, I decided to make it seem like it had traveled the world.

Distressed the envelope with Distress Ink (tea dye), put stamps on it from India, New York, Cuba, Poland and ofcourse Holland. I stamped it with postal stamps, wrote the address on it in Hindi, Arabic & Chinese and put on some fingerprints. I sealed it with a wax seal on the back.
Now here’s hoping it will reach her safely…

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