Received: postcard from Mariya

Caught me completely off-guard: a lovely postcard from Mariya! Now, I don’t list my Postcrossing receivals here, since there are too many (and not all of them worth mentioning…).

But this time was different. You see, I sent Mariya a card (which I loved, but I felt like she deserved it). And the deal is: you get one back from someone else.

But.. she sent me a “thank you” card! So, you could imagine my surprise! And since I send a lot of cards to Russia, I had to find out from who it came first. But I did, so I am going to send her a message thanking her for the lovely card. It features her town, before the Soviet period. Look how old and destroyed this card looks! I love it!


1 thought on “Received: postcard from Mariya”

  1. Wat een leuke verrassing deze onverwachts mooie kaart

    Ik heb je trouwesn genomineerd voor de Liebster Award, zie mijn blog voor informatie.

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