Mixed Media: Wonderland Shadow Box

Words cannot express how happy I am to finally have enough time to give you something GOOD: this Wonderland Shadow Box!

I simply took 2 weeks off from work so I could clean my house and finally spend time on what I love: creating and making stuff! This video took forever to make (about 6 days, including video editing), but the result is absolutely wonderful. I hope you all are inspired to create something of your own as well, be it a shadow box or something else!

So this shadow box is made up of a lot of piece of cardboard, I hope you can find them somewhere. YouTube also has the option to slow down videos (Settings > Speed), so you can follow my lead step by step. Of course you don’t have to use Alice in Wonderland paper, any good quality paper pack will do. How about an underwater scene with mermaids/octopuses? Or maybe a jungle shadow box with Graphic45 paper? Maybe an old Hollywood theater with lights and curtains? Or a lovely wedding scene with white lace & roses? It’s all up to you!

If you intend on recreating this box, I urge you to follow my directions exactly. One small mistake can set you steps back. Slow or pause the video if you’re unsure about what you’re doing and of course you can always ask my help, here in the comments or on YouTube in the comment section ♥

I wish you a very good day & lots + lots of fun with watching & recreating this shadow box!

Disclaimer: I forgot to film the part where I put all the little elements into the shadow box, the camera wasn’t running. Extremely sad! But, you can look at the pictures and see where to glue all the items. Use glue gun for the brass charms and normal ModPodge or wood glue for all the paper elements! You got this!

Disclaimer 2: There is sadly no music in the video. This movie was made on a very frail laptop, so any music would have sent my laptop into complete overdrive. Upon uploading the video to YouTube, I will check if there is a music option!



  • Pieces of cardboard (see video)
  • Stamperia Alice 12×12 Inch Paper Pack
  • Wood glue
  • ModPodge (any glue you like)
  • Glue gun
  • Pieces of lace
  • Blue ribbon
  • Blue elastic
  • Metal embellishments (see video)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • Scoring board


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