Mixed Media: Steampunk Mermaid Box

It was a rainy Thursday afternoon & I still had this gorgeous Graphic 45 “Voyage Beneath the Sea” paperpad lying around. Coincidentally, it was also Graphic 45 founder Diane Schultz birthday last month! It was cool to read the interesting article about her on the Graphic 45 blog here. I dediced to make this Steampunk Mermaid Box from two empty chocolate letter boxes (from Chocstar!) I kept in my stash for almost a year! The “before” boxes are on the last picture.

I also recently opened up an Instagram account for you all to follow, I will be posting WIP images and other fun content, too small to blog about. I hope you will follow me there as well. I have also followed some other paper artists on there, the creativity is just phenomanal. It’s a party to open it up every day.

This blog is not very cohesive (sorry!), just very excited about fall arriving again, paper projects and all the other stuff that is happening. An art magazine contacted me & asked me to be featured in their magazine. More about that later.

Okay, on to the Mermaid box! Ever since I was a little kid, mermaids just fascinated me endlessly. Leave it up to the amazing Graphic 45 design team to create something mermaid + vintage ❤


First, I covered the outside of both boxes with the seashell signature paper. After that, I attached the hinges (this was a mistake) & the closing brass elements. Then, I decorated the interior of both boxes. I used Voyage Beneath the Sea Cardstock Tags & Pockets “Sea of Wonders” inside the left panel after I covered the back with the yellow “Steampunk Splash” paper. I fussy cut fish, starfish, shells and one of the big seahorses and used Distress Ink – Frayed Burlap (my fav!) and stuck them on using 3d foam and normal glue. I also stuck on some brass cogs and gears.

On the right panel I used the big signature paper mermaid panel and stuck her down with 3d foam (this was a mistake). I covered the sides (to cover the pins from the hinges) with the seahorses from the “Aquatic Passage” paper, they fit perfectly (this was a mistake).

Next, I decided it was a bit plain, so I added the “The sea is calling so I must go” border from the “Deep Blue Dreams” paper across the mermaid on the right panel. When I wanted to put the brass pins in, I noticed my first mistake. Luckily, the mermaid panel wasn’t stuck down very firmly yet, so I was able to pin the brass pins in place. I added some brass steampunk gears to finish it off.

Now it was time to decorate the front of the box. Here I noticed my seconde mistake. I wanted a band around the entire box, so I had to peel off the seahorse paper from the sides again. Luckily, there is more than enough seahorse paper in the pad, so I just stuck on new paper. In the end it all worked out, but lesson learned! I added some left over fussy cut shells on the front & tied around a string with a brass starfish.



  • Graphic 45 – Voyage Beneath the Sea 12×12 paper pad
  • Graphic 45 – Voyage Beneath the Sea Cardstock Tags & Pockets
  • Distress Ink – Frayed Burlap
  • Empty boxes that fit together perfectly
  • Hinges and closing mechanims + split pins
  • Glue
  • 3d foam
  • Brass cogs and gears
  • String
  • Metal nameplate
  • Brass charm (optional)


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