Gift: Glitter Walnuts

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest & I couldn’t resist! You can use any glitter and ribbon ofcourse. Fill the walnut with earrings, a pretty ring, a small necklace.. Perfect for the holidays!

DIY Crafts Glitter Walnuts

I made a video on how to make these cute walnuts, so keep on reading!



Clean out the walnuts as much as possible and add the glue. Pour in the glitter and tap it back out. Let dry thoroughly for about 3 days. Add your small gift and wrap it up with a nice ribbon! If the ribbon keeps on sliding off, glue it down with a tiny drop of glue on the bottom of the walnut.

DIY Crafts Glitter Walnuts


  • Empty walnuts (try to get out as much as possible)
  • Hasulith glue or any strong clear glue
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon

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