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Inspiration: Postick


Yes. Postick. A sticker with a postcard, which you can stick on the back of anything you wish to send.

These things are briljant. I have so many old (but good) recipes, illustrations from children’s books, playing game cards.. They are made with beautiful matt and un-coated paper, on which you can even write with a fountain pen!

Here’s the list that got me excited! Some ideas for future postcards:

  • Photographs
  • Drawings
  • Flyers
  • Invitations to events
  • Fabric
  • Vintage photographs
  • Collaged bits & pieces
  • Beautiful cardboard tea packaging
  • Vintage/ used postcards
  • Cut-out posters
  • Nice gift wrap
  • Torn-off corner of a pretty paper place-mat
  • Magazine clippings
  • Doodles on a paper serviette
  • Torn-out page from a daily planner
  • Kids drawings
  • Paper menus
  • Pages from old discarded books
  • A section of a map
  • Old concert tickets
  • Pressed flowers
  • Cardboard chocolate packaging

Want it? Good. You can choose if you want a pack of 10, 20 or 50. Go to the Etsy shop of Postcard Happiness & pick up these sweet babies today!

postick - make a postcard out of everything




Finds: thrifting treasures

Yesterday I was invited by my lovely friend Anique to go thrifting. It is one of my favorite things to do & if it was possible, I would do it everyday. But I had a budget, I could not spent a lot. Anique wanted clothing & I wanted home deco! Unfortunatly for Anique, there weren’t a lot of clothing sellers, but home deco? Oh, yes.

So I splurged. But.. stayed within my budget and got some really neat stuff. There was a lot of retro, 80’s, 90’s but also some antiques. And books. And DVD’s. I also saw a tiny wooden ship, but didn’t get it. I already have one of those & want to get a ship in a bottle someday.

There was also an antique magnifying glass, with a brass handle. And one with an old bone as a handle. They looked very cool, but way over my budget. Anique got a beautiful book with a lot of loose prints and drawings by Anton Pieck, ready to be framed & loved.

My budget was 15 euro (that’s about $20) and here’s what I got:

  • a lamp (1 euro)
  • a book with old maps (3 euro, it is amazing, maps from 1400 until 1850, “Oude scheepskaarten en hun makers: Hoogtepunten uit vijf eeuwen cartografie”)
  • really old playing cards (5 euro)
  • 2 glass domes/jars (2,50 euro+ 3 euro)
  • an old wallet (made of camel leather, not on the pictures) (0,20 euro)
  • vintage stationary (I got it for free with the book!)

Check out the pictures below. Do you like thrifting? What’s your favorite item you got so far?

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Inspiration: What to write?

You got  e-mail! It’s Sofia from the USA and she wants to snailmail with you! You get excited, dreaming away about the lovely snailmail you will receive from Sofia… But; she wants you to go first! Now what?

Depending on your snailmailpal, you might want to discuss a theme. This makes the snailmail more coherent and the content a lot more fun to compile. Once a theme is set, you can start. I like to start with the letter first. Get a nice piece of notebook paper, stationary or whatever you feel comfortable with. I’ll stamp the paper first with an inkstamp, so my writing will go over the stamp (instead of the other way around).


What to write your new penpal?


Get your favorite pen and sit down, breathe and try to relax and let your mind flow. Ask about your penpal, but don’t overdo it. Keep in mind that your questions  depend on how much contact you had trough mail or chat. Here’s a little start:

Hi Sofia,
I am very happy that you would like to snailmail with me! It is very cold down here, there’s even a lot of snow.
How’s the weather over there? Currently I am drinking strawberry tea and listening to some folk music.
Do you like tea? Or are you more a coffee person? And what type of music do you like?

You can continue in this matter, but ofcourse it depends completely on your mood & style. It can be difficult to write 2 or 3 full pages, so I always write one page on my first snailmail. Here is a list of keep-in-minds when writing your very first snailmail.

  • Your penpal is not a diary. Respond to the letter received, instead of writing a complete new story
  • Keep it light, especially on your first snailmail. Once you feel comfortable enough, you can write about things that worry or scare you
  • Don’t ask too much questions. Your penpal also wants to tell a story, not answer quizzes through mail
  • Stick to the theme. You both agreed on this theme, if you choose to ignore it, your penpal will feel disappointed
  • Don’t feel a connection? Let your penpal know, this is a normal and polite thing to do (instead of keeping her waiting)
  • It’s called snailmail for a reason. Don’t rush!
  • Take your time to answer your penpal with thoughtful mail, put your heart in it

Got more tips? Let me know!

What to write your new penpal?

Inspiration: Alice in Wonderland

I am surely not the only girl still in love (and forever will be) with Alice in Wonderland. Did you know that the novel contains a lot of symbolism & references? For instance, the whole story evolves around food & drinks. Alice needs to eat and drink to grow taller or smaller.

After the riddle “Why is a raven like a writing-desk?”, the Hatter claims that Alice might as well say, “I see what I eat…I eat what I see” and so the riddle’s solution, put forward by Boe Birns, could be that “A raven eats worms; a writing desk is worm-eaten”; this idea of food encapsulates idea of life feeding on life, for the worm is being eaten and then becomes the eater – a horrific image of mortality. Wikipedia

Without getting too much into detail, the Alice in Wonderland novels have inspired and entertained kids & adults all across the globe. I love how silly everything is, up is down and left is right. I also enjoyed the Tim Burton movie; including the Jabberwocky was a nice surprise, since Disney left it out in the animated movie (for obvious reasons).

Alice inspired me, so I went on a quest. Some Alice in Wonderland stationary would be nice. Very nice. Mind you, not the Disney version (allthough I love it). I wanted the real deal. Here are some of the amazing treasures I found (and bookmarked!) Be inspired by Alice in Wonderland!

  1. Mini postcard & envelopes set (60 cards and 34 envelopes $12,43) link
  2. Sticker stamps (80 stickers $6,90 ps: I got these & they are really nice) link
  3. Postcard with real vintage back (12 postcards with envelopes $15) link
  4. Drink me tags (10 tags with string $4,50) link
  5. Table confetti (add to an Alice in Wonderland themed snailmail package! 200 pieces $3) link
  6. White Rabbit stickers (12 stickers $1,50 ps: I ordered here before, great service & extra stickers as a gift!) link

Ebay: give it (another) shot

Like many of you, I like to splurge on stationary. Stickers, stamps, deco tape, washi tape, envelopes… I really have to controll myself. As I would like a lot of stationary on the cheap, I tend to stear away from most Dutch stationary webshops (it is often a little bit more expensive, but you receive it the next day) & browse Etsy first. When I find something I like, I check the price on shipping. Everything over $4 is too expensive for me, since I’ll probably only order a sheet of stickers. Unless it’s a stamp, but as we all know: stamps are forever, stickers are not (when it comes to snailmailing).

So my quest continues to Ebay. I ordered there a couple of years ago, but it turned sour when Etsy showed up. Now I go back and try to find stationary for a reasonable price. Just hit “Buy it now” if you are not into bidding, like me. You will be amazed! Usely shipping is very low and most of the time even free. You can find all kinds of lovely vintage stationary, stickers, postcards..

Here are 11 of the items on my watchlist, items you will probably also find on Etsy or any other stationary webshop, as they are resellers. I have yet to find the source of all this magic, but when the day comes, I will be sure to notify you. Get your paypal accounts out & have a look…

  1. Travel Clear Stamps Anchor, Ship, Compass (a lot of stamps!) for $3,99 (link)
  2. Alice in Wonderland postcards & envelopes (60 cards! 60!) for $12,34 (link)
  3. Antique quill & ink set (awesome, right?) for $13,99 (link)
  4. Old stamp stickers (153 in total!) for $16,99 (free shipping) (link)
  5. Sealing stickers (real cute, 5 sheets) for $3,12 (link)
  6. Paris cards & envelope set (56 cards, 36 envelopes) $12,34 (link)
  7. Deco stickers (24 sheets) for $9,99 (free shipping) (link)
  8. Around the world clear stamp stickers (6 sheets) for $3,49 (link)
  9. Anchor stamp (I saw them on Etsy for $11…) for $2,54 (link)
  10. 7 Gypsies Apothecary label stickers (2 sheets) for $1,95 (link)
  11. Alice in Wonderland stationary (writing paper, envelopes & stickers) for $3,32 (link)