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Inspiration: Packaging

Vintage gift wrapping

This week, someone bought two of my mini albums and I was so excited to start shipping them! Ofcourse packaging is just as important as the items itself, so I decided to make use of some of my vintage stamps and craft paper to give the items the wrapping they deserved! I started of cutting a big piece of craft paper and stamping them with Tim Holtz and other stamps. I wrapped the albums up and tied them off with a string, a vintage 7Gypsies label and brass charms. I hope the customer likes it! How do you wrap your gifts? Do you take a lot of time wrapping them nicely?

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Inspiration: What to use to spice up your snail mail?

Yes, you’ve done it! You finally found a snail mail partner! Time to get creative.. but.. what to use? A letter and an envelope would be the obvious things, but here is a list of items you can use to spice up your snail mail! It is really therapeutic and relaxing to spend a little more time on your letter and envelope.

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Finds: Dutch Postcrossing Stamps!

By now, all of you should already know Postcrossing, the website that connects all mail fans over the world. Postcrossing is gaining fans rapidly and the Dutch PostNL has decided to produce Dutch Postcrossing stamps!

Dutch Postcrossing Stamps

From the Postcrossing blog:

Keeping in mind that Postcrossing postcards travel mostly to foreign destinations, PostNL created a set of stamps that double as tiny tourism ambassadors, helping draw attention to the country’s most interesting and attractive sites. The resulting design (by Reinier Hamel from Sin agency) is a bright sheet of stamps, which promises to bring a conversation topic (and burst of colour!) to many future postcards.

The stamps each feature an eclectic mix of popular Dutch highlights (De Hoge Veluwe, de Nachtwacht & more!) and will be available for Dutch citizens from March 29th.

You can read more (and pre-order!) on the Postcrossing blog here.

Gifts: A starry gift for my friend Irene

Next weekend I will FINALLY be visiting my friend Irene! We have been Internet friends for more than 4 years, but we have never met in person, so now we have decided to finally get together!

Irene loves to craft as well, but Project Life is more her thing. I can’t wait to view her beautiful crafting creations & I will show her how embossing works, because I am sure she will love it.

This is a little goodiebag I will be bringing with me to give her, as you can see it is moon & star inspired and I hope she will like it!

A gift for Irene

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