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Finds: Pepin Papers

Yesterday, I took a trip to the city of Leiden, to visit the Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde. It’s a museum about people all around the world, their cultures, history & rituals. I had a wonderful time and will absolutely be going back someday when I have more time. It was a special Oriental Ladies Night, so there was a lot too see & do.

Gift shop
I couldn’t skip the gift shop, where I noticed some gorgeous books. Amongst them was a soft cover book called “Arabesques”. It was a gift wrapping book with 12 large sheets, printed with Arabic designs. And they also carried another one with Turkish patterns! I had to buy it.

Pepin Papers: Arabesques

It is so gorgeous, I have been drooling over it all day! It is produced by a company named Pepin Papers, so I went online to see if they have more patterns & yep, they do!

I love all of the designs, they also make Indian, Japanese & Italian paper books, but also 1920’s design papers and lots, lots more! Go check out their website & fall in love just like I did.

Mahrez Landoulsi
While browsing the gift shop, I also got 4 beautiful calligraphy postcards from Al-Andalusi (Mahrez Landoulsi), so I will be making some nice Arabic canvasses soon!


Inspiration: Moon Shadow Mist

I was watching a very talented artist on YouTube (I forgot her name, sorry!) and she was using Lindy’s Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mist sprays on a canvas. I know, it’s a mouthful! The colors looked so gorgeous, I fell in love instantly!

If you buy Moon Shadow Mist, you will receive a spray bottle with powder in it. You have to add warm water to it, give it a good shake and let it sit for 10 minutes. Give it another shake & you’re good to go!

Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mists


I haven’t used mine on a project before, but I do have a little something in mind where I could use these for. The colors are basically two-toned; so you could have a blue-gold one, a silver-white one and so forth. Below you can see the spray examples on heavy card stock. They do shine and switch colors, depending on the light. You can’t really see it on the picture.

Upper left corner: Tawny Turquoise
Upper right corner: Buccaneer Bay Blue
Bottom right corner: Buccaneer Bronze
Bottom left corner: Burnt umber


Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mists


Aren’t they gorgeous? And tell me, who can resist names like Bucket O’Blood Red, Pirate’s Plunder Gold, Long John’s Silver or Treasure Island Aqua? You can get them at probably most craft stores in your area, but since I am in Holland, you might want to search for them online.


Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mists


Finds: yay for Ikea!

Ikea; I never go there. Not because I don’t like it, but because it is so far away. I don’t have a car, so when I go I want to buy everything, but I have to rely on public transportation, so one can not take a whole bunch of stuff.

But, yesterday I went! And what a trip it was! They had a lot of cool things, but I had to control myself. Apparantly, Ikea also picked up on the revival of steampunk, because they currently sell a beautiful set of steampunk animal prints on heavy cardstock. They can be used as postcards, but also to be framed. Look at the cute steampunk kitty!

I couldn’t resist and why should I, they were only 2,50 euro (about $2) for a set of 5. I also picked up some other cards, botanical and art cards with birds. And a cool pillow with a map on it! And a clock. Wasn’t really sure about the clock, but it’s beginning to grow on me. Well, I also bought some more stuff (for organising and storage), but it’s not worth blogging about.

Check out the pics!

  • Steampunk animal cards: here
  • Art bird cards: here
  • Botanical vintage look cards: here
  • Vintage with a twist clock: here
  • Old map pillow: here

Finds: toot my own horn

Been browsing Etsy for months. Because secretly, one of my biggest passions is home decorating. I’m not good at it, I just like it. Especially the cabinet of curiosities, glorified in the Sibella Court books Nomad and Living Etc.

Let’s not beat around the bush: I wanted a horn. Or an antler. Really bad. So bad, that I almost caved in to spending $30 (excl. shipping) for one. I tried to put it out of my mind, but it still lingered.

So, today was just a regular day, except: there was a fleamarket in town! And the billboards didn’t say: Fleamarket. They said: Gigantic Fleamarket! Ofcourse I had to go. So I woke up really early this morning (08:00; yes, I find 08:00 early), put on some clothes and headed to this presumably gigantic fleamarket. It was indeed gigantic. Once again, I was on a budget. But I didn’t have to worry, because my best friend Suus was there too. When cash is low, we back eachother up. You know the drill.

Still, I arrived with 20 euro ($25). Here’s what I scored:

  • 5 packages of old stamps (space, ships, European, Romanian and a mixpack 3 euro)
  • an ancient (yes, I do not dare to call it vintage) pulley (3 euro)
  • a black and white postcard (5 for 1 euro)
  • a lot of shells (1 euro)

And.. a horn! I was so excited, I had to keep myself from hugging the man. I was really worried about the price.. He wanted 5 euro for it. Check out the pictures!

Finds: my stamp collection

Inspired by another post I read elsewhere, I decided to put some pictures online with my stamp collection. Although I am more attracted to old, used stamps, I do have some new sheets I got for free last year. There’s Alice in Wonderland, Christmas and used stamps from all over the world. I use these stamps for artworks & ofcourse: snailmailing. Hoping to add more & more to my collection in the future, here is a quick overview!