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Received: marvelous cup of tea from Fatima

Fatima went, saw and conquered London! She had a fab time & we made a deal on getting together during or after the summer to look at the pictures from her trip.  She is still crazy busy with school and like English ladies, we want to do it proper.

So, she sent me a marvelous cup of tea! Look at it, it’s adorable. My heart was smiling when I found this lovely card..


Received: a lovely package from Irene!

What a surprise! I mean, really! Didn’t expect this AT ALL.

My mailbox was very happy, a nice stuffed package from Irene (Lentetypes). She recently opened up her new webshop, with little presents that fit through your mailslot, so cheap shipping equals big fun!

Okay, here we go!

First, there was this big letter, which I really enjoyed. She also included some really cute die cuts, postcards (with cats!) and little notecards. And the best.. a eco-friendly brooch! It’s huge and I love it! Go big or go home, right? And it’s in sailor colors, which is absolutely awesome. She attachted a note that read: I think you will like this. Well, I do!

In her letter, she wrote about her exciting plans for her new home, saving up some cash for decoration and her new webshop. It was a lovely letter!

Here are the pictures:

Received: Tiny Presents for a Bad Day

When I got home, there was a box on the doormat. It wouldn’t fit through the mailslot, I presumed.

It was from Greece. My mind was racing, because I didn’t order anything on Etsy or eBay…

I opened it… and there it was! A box full of cutely wrapped presents! And then I remembered; I joined in on a swap on called “Tiny Presents for a Bad Day”. What a surprise!


These was a cute note from Athanasia, she made this beautiful surprise for me. And since I was too eager, I already unwrapped a present.

It had beautiful papers in it.. with my address on it! Perfect for snailmailing! And also these awesome Alice in Wonderland tags! Aren’t they stunning?
If this first present is a prelude on all the awesome things Athanasia has wrapped for me, I’m in for a treat!

Better get started on my box..



Received: postcard from Mariya

Caught me completely off-guard: a lovely postcard from Mariya! Now, I don’t list my Postcrossing receivals here, since there are too many (and not all of them worth mentioning…).

But this time was different. You see, I sent Mariya a card (which I loved, but I felt like she deserved it). And the deal is: you get one back from someone else.

But.. she sent me a “thank you” card! So, you could imagine my surprise! And since I send a lot of cards to Russia, I had to find out from who it came first. But I did, so I am going to send her a message thanking her for the lovely card. It features her town, before the Soviet period. Look how old and destroyed this card looks! I love it!


Received: mail from Kimberlee

What a surprise it was! There was a cute little envelope in my mailbox, sent by my friend from Interpals: Kimberlee. She told me she was kind of new to snailmailing, but she sent me a very sweet package.

It was a cute envelope, decorated with a cute floral washi tape. Inside there was a teabag (I am going to drink it right now!), a cute bunting she made herself with the same washitape, some kind of lemonade which I should stir with water (never had it, so very excited!), a beautiful letter on pretty cardstock, sticky notes with a cat on it (cute), a very old bonbon foil wrapping & a nice 3d flower paper.

Have a look at the pictures!