Month: November 2013

Inspiration: Moon Shadow Mist

I was watching a very talented artist on YouTube (I forgot her name, sorry!) and she was using Lindy’s Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mist sprays on a canvas. I know, it’s a mouthful! The colors looked so gorgeous, I fell in love instantly!

If you buy Moon Shadow Mist, you will receive a spray bottle with powder in it. You have to add warm water to it, give it a good shake and let it sit for 10 minutes. Give it another shake & you’re good to go!

Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mists


I haven’t used mine on a project before, but I do have a little something in mind where I could use these for. The colors are basically two-toned; so you could have a blue-gold one, a silver-white one and so forth. Below you can see the spray examples on heavy card stock. They do shine and switch colors, depending on the light. You can’t really see it on the picture.

Upper left corner: Tawny Turquoise
Upper right corner: Buccaneer Bay Blue
Bottom right corner: Buccaneer Bronze
Bottom left corner: Burnt umber


Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mists


Aren’t they gorgeous? And tell me, who can resist names like Bucket O’Blood Red, Pirate’s Plunder Gold, Long John’s Silver or Treasure Island Aqua? You can get them at probably most craft stores in your area, but since I am in Holland, you might want to search for them online.


Lindy's Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mists


Sent: Tiny Dancer Postcard

I made this card for my grandmother, just a note to say hello. My grandmother lives an hour drive away, so I don’t get to see her very often. I really love to send her mail every now and then. She sent me a lovely postcard back, with cats on them!

I loved making this card, so I decided to do a how-to video. It was terrible getting it uploaded, so I hope you’ll enjoy it! If you have any questions, just ask.

Tiny Dancer PostcardTiny Dancer Postcard


Materials used:

– Watercolor paper card stock
– Distress Ink – Tea Dye
– Inkssentials Ink Blender
– Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous Script Stamp
– Prima Marketing – Divine Clear Stamp set
– Memento – Tuxedo Black Ink
– Bruynzeel Watercolor pencils
– Small brush

Mixed Media: Faiza Oulahsen

So, you’ve probably heard about the Greenpeace Arctic 30 crew, right? If you haven’t, here is some more info about them:

On the 18th September Greenpeace mounted a protest from the icebreaker Arctic Sunrise against an oil rig owned and run by Gazprom, a state owned company. The activists had tried to board the rig and possibly disrupt operations. The Russian coast guard intervened and seized the 30 strong crew of the Greenpeace vessel. Greenpeace claims that its activists “have done nothing to warrant this level of aggression and have been entirely peaceful throughout” yet were confronted by Russians wearing balaclavas and with guns and knives.

Now there are 28 activists & 2 freelancers in custody who have been charged with piracy. Greenpeace says “This is an outrage and represents nothing less than an assault on the very principle of peaceful protest” even the Russian President Putin agrees “It is absolutely evident that they are, of course, not pirates. But formally they were trying to seize this platform… It is evident that those people violated international law.”

One of the captives, Faiza Oulahsen, is a co-worker of mine from the Greenpeace Netherlands office. I wanted to show my support by making a portrait of her, as I picture her in her cell, cold & alone. I hope the Arctic 30 will be released very soon, because we can all agree that protecting the Arctic is not a crime.


I made this using acrylic paint, Artistcellar stencil and Lindy’s Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mist on canvas.

Inspiration: what you already have!

While I was cleaning out my paper stack, I stumbled upon these great Graphic 45 papers from the Le Cirque Collection! I love ALL the paper pads from Graphic 45, they always give me great inspiration. So glad I’ve picked it up at the time, since the paper pad seems to be discontinued in most places now..

Le Cirque Collection

I didn’t want to write a blog post about this paper in particular. I wanted to share one of my ideas on how to get more inspiration when you are feeling stuck. One of my tricks is that I carefully look through my paper stack. The papers that I’ve already got. Most of them are beautiful and a lot of them bring themes to mind at ease.

This trick gave me the inspiration today to make a paper clock & I think these papers are going to come in handy! So, if you don’t know what to do next, just let the paper speak!

Le Cirque Collection