Month: November 2013

Received: Snail Mail Magazine from Susan

I was so surprised! My sweet pen pal sent me a home made snail mail magazine! I really love it & am really impressed by how much TLC she put into it. It’s a personal magazine about our letter writing relationships, about Susan’s hopes & dreams and it was full of great goodies (stickers!). How inspirational! I can suggest everyone sending a personal magazine to YOUR pen pal!

I have been preparing a great gift for Susan ever since I received her magazine (I am very ashamed it took me so long, but I really want to surprise her) & I hope to get it out in two weeks time. Check out the pictures!

Digital Downloads: vintage apothecary stationary

Getting things for free is always fun. And why waste another dime when you can download your own free stationary right here? That’s right; I created some lovely vintage stationary for you to download. It is A4 sized and can be printed at home (or at the local printing business) as many times as you like.

This set contains 2 A4 sized downloads, so you’ll have different sheets of paper to use for snail mailing, sending a letter to your loved one or writing your pen pal overseas. It has many different elements, like a hand, apothecary bottles, & vintage labels. Download, print & you are ready to go. Remember to adjust the margin/padding settings on your printer to none/0!

Enjoy the sneak preview below. One more thing: show me what you’ve created with these!

Download zip with .jpgs & PDF: here

Magazine: November 2013

Today, I discovered a great new app: Flipboard! Flipboard is an online magazine for bloggers & businesses. This concept is not new to me, yet I never knew it was so much fun! I am now planning a new magazine every  month, starting now with November 2013.

I dug up all the great articles I bookmarked last month and added them all to the magazine. Have fun reading this November issue!

Vintage Voyage Magazine - November 2013

Finds: Pepin Papers

Yesterday, I took a trip to the city of Leiden, to visit the Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde. It’s a museum about people all around the world, their cultures, history & rituals. I had a wonderful time and will absolutely be going back someday when I have more time. It was a special Oriental Ladies Night, so there was a lot too see & do.

Gift shop
I couldn’t skip the gift shop, where I noticed some gorgeous books. Amongst them was a soft cover book called “Arabesques”. It was a gift wrapping book with 12 large sheets, printed with Arabic designs. And they also carried another one with Turkish patterns! I had to buy it.

Pepin Papers: Arabesques

It is so gorgeous, I have been drooling over it all day! It is produced by a company named Pepin Papers, so I went online to see if they have more patterns & yep, they do!

I love all of the designs, they also make Indian, Japanese & Italian paper books, but also 1920’s design papers and lots, lots more! Go check out their website & fall in love just like I did.

Mahrez Landoulsi
While browsing the gift shop, I also got 4 beautiful calligraphy postcards from Al-Andalusi (Mahrez Landoulsi), so I will be making some nice Arabic canvasses soon!


Mixed Media: Vintage Paris Canvas

Ooh la la! This was such a fun project! I had been planning this video for a while now & I have a LOT of Paris-themed scrap booking stuff.

I got some empty canvasses (and a lot more) from my sweet friend Monique.
She makes the most beautiful amigurumi & jewelry (out of soda can tabs! How creative, right?) and she said she didn’t know what else to do with them. But I do!


Vintage Paris Canvas


So I made this vintage Paris canvas, with an old picture, a unicycle & much more! It turned out a little different then I was originally planning, but hey, what can you do? I love and have always loved Paris. La Belle Epoque, the Eiffel tower, the lights, the art…  Watch the time lapse video and get creative yourself!



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