Month: October 2013

New design!

As you might have already seen: the site has a new design! It is now fully responsive, as mobiles are almost becoming the standard browser device. I must admit that I found it very difficult to let go of the old design. I spent a lot of time & love on it and I really didn’t want to update it. But once I got started with the new design, I decided it was time to let the old one go. You can still take a look at it in my new portfolio section (“Digital Art”).

With the new layout, I also decided to include all my paper (and mixed media!) crafts, as I am loving it more everyday. You can check out my Art Journal pages in the portfolio section as well.

More exciting news: I made my first video! Yay! Since I’ve gotten so many lovely comments on my Facebookpage about the bubble mailer I made for my grandma, I decided I wanted to do a “How to” video! And since it was so much fun, I am going to make more! I have a ton of exciting projects coming up, so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. The quality of the new videos will be better, I promise.

My pen pal Suzanne is also waiting for my letter, so you can expect a cool new blogpost online soon!

Inspiration: Vintage & Delayed Bubble Mailer

Remember my altered bubble mailer post? The one I used to sent my grandmother her earrings?

Well, it received so many likes on Facebook, that I have decided to do a “how to” video! My first one! Yay!

I made another one, so it isn’t exactly the same, but you’ ll get the idea

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