Month: February 2013

Sent: mail to a little princess

There is this cute girl. She is really pretty & a little shy. She loves My Little Pony. Not just love. She is a hooked. So when her older sister ordered a piece of jewelry from my webshop, this was the perfect opportunity. She would get a little gift. Because she is cute. Did I mention that already?

Anyway, it was just a simple gift; Summer lovin stamps by Basic Grey. I also wanted to add inkpads, but the envelope was already full. No biggy. I finally got a change to use my wooden envelope templates I purchased a year ago. The next day she received the package and sent me some supercute pictures. She made a necklace from the ribbon with the unicorn on it!

Sent: mail to Irene

I just wrote about the wonderfull snailmail I got from Irene (if you don’t remember, here is the link) & realised it was time to surprise her back. I do have an old typewriter, but it is residing in the shed. Why? Because it doesn’t work. I could pick it up for free, the girl wanted to get rid of it. So it will make a nice decoration piece if I move to a bigger house. It is really retro & I love it. But it would take up to much space now and spiders and dust will live in it. I am storing it for later. I think.

Anyway, back to the package. I thought about it late at night, while I was in bed already. I decided it was the first thing on my to do list in the morning. And I couldn’t sleep, because I was to excited. At 11:00 pm, it was finished! Unfortunatly, it was already packed and wrapped, so no pics. I will do my best to describe the content. It had a handwritten letter in it, with cute houses on them. There was also an little address book, some stickers, more stickers, some paperstamps.. Next time I will take pics. I promise.

Luckily, Irene did take a picture! Here it is…

Mail for Irene

Received: mail from Irene

I actually received this package on the 15th of October 2012, but blogging about it now. This package sparked my imagination and jumpstarted my love for snailmail. It is sent by Irene, who started out as a customer (she bought a lot of my jewelry from Qrioza).

During the year, I lent her a dress that I bought on Etsy and she loved it. I decided she could keep it (well, in exchange for some money) & she was ecstatic. I have to say, the dress fits her perfectly. After that, she sent me this package, without notification. It was heartwarming.

She used a theme (fairytales) and really made it special. It contained a flower, a postcard, a lovely vintage print, a game card from a Little Red Riding Hood, two teabags & lots of other great stuff.

Irene is really kind and she also has a wonderful blog, called Lentetypes. Check it out!

Enjoy the pictures!