Month: February 2013

Inspiration: Not Another Bill

Sick & tired of bills?

Unfortunatly, bills will never stop coming. But you can make your mailbox and yourself happier! How about receiving a nice package, every so often? Totally unexpected? Something just for you?

That’s where Not Another Bill comes in to play. It’s not free, but it is wonderful. Here’s the deal. You sign up on their website & choose a subscription. How many times a year do you want a surprise? One month? Three? You pay and forget about it. Untill you come home someday after a long, hard day of work and there it is: a custom, beautifully wrapped present, just for you.

The present is a surprise, you’ll never know what you’re going to get. But the present far outshines the costs. They ship worldwide and you can pay with PayPal.

There is a trial 3 month deal for just 40 pounds (excl. shipping). Check it out!

Not another bill

Finds: toot my own horn

Been browsing Etsy for months. Because secretly, one of my biggest passions is home decorating. I’m not good at it, I just like it. Especially the cabinet of curiosities, glorified in the Sibella Court books Nomad and Living Etc.

Let’s not beat around the bush: I wanted a horn. Or an antler. Really bad. So bad, that I almost caved in to spending $30 (excl. shipping) for one. I tried to put it out of my mind, but it still lingered.

So, today was just a regular day, except: there was a fleamarket in town! And the billboards didn’t say: Fleamarket. They said: Gigantic Fleamarket! Ofcourse I had to go. So I woke up really early this morning (08:00; yes, I find 08:00 early), put on some clothes and headed to this presumably gigantic fleamarket. It was indeed gigantic. Once again, I was on a budget. But I didn’t have to worry, because my best friend Suus was there too. When cash is low, we back eachother up. You know the drill.

Still, I arrived with 20 euro ($25). Here’s what I scored:

  • 5 packages of old stamps (space, ships, European, Romanian and a mixpack 3 euro)
  • an ancient (yes, I do not dare to call it vintage) pulley (3 euro)
  • a black and white postcard (5 for 1 euro)
  • a lot of shells (1 euro)

And.. a horn! I was so excited, I had to keep myself from hugging the man. I was really worried about the price.. He wanted 5 euro for it. Check out the pictures!

Inspiration: Postick


Yes. Postick. A sticker with a postcard, which you can stick on the back of anything you wish to send.

These things are briljant. I have so many old (but good) recipes, illustrations from children’s books, playing game cards.. They are made with beautiful matt and un-coated paper, on which you can even write with a fountain pen!

Here’s the list that got me excited! Some ideas for future postcards:

  • Photographs
  • Drawings
  • Flyers
  • Invitations to events
  • Fabric
  • Vintage photographs
  • Collaged bits & pieces
  • Beautiful cardboard tea packaging
  • Vintage/ used postcards
  • Cut-out posters
  • Nice gift wrap
  • Torn-off corner of a pretty paper place-mat
  • Magazine clippings
  • Doodles on a paper serviette
  • Torn-out page from a daily planner
  • Kids drawings
  • Paper menus
  • Pages from old discarded books
  • A section of a map
  • Old concert tickets
  • Pressed flowers
  • Cardboard chocolate packaging

Want it? Good. You can choose if you want a pack of 10, 20 or 50. Go to the Etsy shop of Postcard Happiness & pick up these sweet babies today!

postick - make a postcard out of everything




Received: mail from my friend Fatima

One of the perks of sending mail: receiving mail! Remember my blogpost about the letter I sent to my friend Fatima? Well, did she respond. I was stunned by the beautiful mail (or should I say gift) she sent me. It arrived yesterday, but I didn’t check my mailbox until this morning. And there it was. A big, fully stuffed package.. with my name on it!

Ofcourse I wanted to thank her immediatly via Facebook or e-mail, but then I read her letter: she was very surprised by my mail & didn’t want to respond through regular Facebook, instead sending me a surprise back. And a surprise it was! Nice detail; one of her little sisters thought the letter I sent her was an invitation to a Royal Ball because of the wax seal. Isn’t that cute?

Let me show you the contents of this wonderful package! There’s ofcourse a letter, a really awesome keychain (attached to keys already? Yes!), a cashews & dates gluten, dairy & wheat free cookie (yum!), two teabags, a bar of Leonidas Chocolate (very nice), coffee and a really cute postcard that says: “A friend is someone who knows you and still loves you”! Check out the pics below!

Update: Fatima let me know that it is in fact not a keychain, but a bookmark. Even more lovely!


Sent: mail to Lillian

I contacted Lillian via Interpals. She seems very nice & loves vintage stuff. Perfect! We decided to snailmail, so I made her a sweet package.

There’s a postcard included that says “Thank You”, an old newspaper sticker, a sheet with old stickers, a big playing game card, a small (really old) game playing card, 2 Alice in Wonderland stamps, a note and some old used stamps.

Oh, and also a letter.