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Mixed Media: Dreadfully Wicked Halloween Box

Mixed Media: Dreadfully Wicked Halloween Box

I thought my last video was over a year ago, but then I remembered I made the lovely Alice in Wonderland Shadowbox last time! This week, I created something spooky & eerie… in lue of Halloween! It’s my favourite holiday, so how can I not!? I didn’t intend on making something this “big”, but when … Continue reading “Mixed Media: Dreadfully Wicked Halloween Box”

Mixed Media: Wonderland Shadow Box

Words cannot express how happy I am to finally have enough time to give you something GOOD: this Wonderland Shadow Box! I simply took 2 weeks off from work so I could clean my house and finally spend time on what I love: creating and making stuff! This video took forever to make (about 6 … Continue reading “Mixed Media: Wonderland Shadow Box”

Mixed Media: Find Me

Good day, my dear, dear friends. Oh, how I have missed you! But, not a day goes by that you aren’t on my mind! I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for still waiting for me to get you some new content & hopefully inspire you on your crafting … Continue reading “Mixed Media: Find Me”

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About me

I have been crafting all my life, but have now decided to focus my crafts on paper & mixed media project. I especially love making mini albums, filming and posting my projects on Youtube. My arts & crafts are mostly vintage inspired, because I love old things. My inspiration comes from Sherlock Holmes stories (and the movies too!), steampunk, La Belle Epoque, The Great Gatsby, Lisa Hannigan, nature, old cinema and lots more. And: I am a messy crafter!